There is one loving Creator [Yahuwah], a personal, spiritual being, the beginning of all things, omnipotent, omniscient, and eternal; infinite in wisdom, holiness, justice, goodness, truth, and mercy; unchangeable, and everywhere present by His representative, the Ruach ha kodesh (his Spirit).

Reference: Isaiah 42:8, Isaiah 43:10-11, Deuteronomy 6:4, Malachi 3:6



That the name of the Creator is "I AM that I AM" Exodus 3:14 which is pronounced in the Hebrew, Yahuwah. His people are to proclaim His name to all nations, reverence His name and honor it by their lives and conversation; that all people owe Him reverence, worship and obedience.

Reference: Psalms 9:10 , Psalms 20:7



That there is one divine Son of the Eternal Father, Yahushua, meaning Saviour Luke 1:31 the one by whom Yahuwah created all things, and by whom they do consist; that He took on Him the nature of the seed of Abraham for the redemption of our fallen race; that He dwelt among men, full of grace and truth, lived our example, died our sacrifice, and was raised for our justification. He ascended on high to be our ONLY mediator in the sanctuary in Heaven where, with His own blood, He makes atonement for our sins; which atonement so far from being made on the tree, which was by the offering of the sacrifice, is the very last portion of His work as a priest, according to the example of the Levitical priesthood, which foreshadowed and prefigured the ministry of our Saviour in Heaven.

Reference: Leviticus 16; Hebrews 8:4, 5; 9:6, 7 etc.



That the set apart Scriptures, of the Old and renewed covenant, were given by inspiration of Yahuwah, and contain a full revelation of His will to man. They are the only infallible rule of faith and practice.

Reference: 2 Timothy 3:16-17, Eccelesiastes 12:13



That Baptism is an ordinance of the body(assembly of believers) of messiah, to follow faith and repentance, an ordinance by which we commemorate the resurrection of Yahushua, our Saviour, as by this act we show our faith in His burial and resurrection, and through that, of the resurrection of all the saints at the last day; and that no other mode fitly represents these facts than that which the Scriptures prescribe, namely immersion.We recognize that full immersion is the only acceptable means of baptisim.

Reference: Romans 6:3-6; Colossians 2:12



That the new birth comprises the entire change necessary to fit us for the kingdom of Heaven, and consists of two parts: first, a moral change wrought by conversion and a holy life; second, a physical change at the second coming of Yahushua, whereby, if dead, we are raised incorruptible, and if living, are changed to immortality in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. John 3:3,5; 1 Corinthians 15:52; Luke 20:36.



We believe that prophecy is a part of Yahuwah's revelation to man; that it is included in the scripture which is profitable for instruction 2 Timothy 3:16; that it is designed for us and our children, Deuteronomy 29:29; that so far from being enshrouded in impenetrable mystery, it is that which especially constitutes the word of Yahuwah as a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, Psalms 119:105; 2 Peter 1:19; that a blessing is pronounced upon those who study it, Revelation 1:3; and that, consequently, it is to be understood by the people of Yahuwah sufficiently to show them their position in the world's history, and the special duties required at their hands.



We believe that truth is progressive and as we draw closer to the end of this age, the return of the Master Yahuwah and his blessed son Yahushua that more light will be brought forth. This light will be shed on his Torah, Appointted times, prohecy and etc. leading right up to their return and the beginning of the great day of Yahuwah.

Reference: Daniel 12:4, Proverbs 4:18



We believe that many of the true biblical Hebrew descendants of Abraham are the people currently referred to as "black", "African American", "Negro", "Sephardic" or etc.(evidence from scripture cited in next point of belief below) that have been scattered throughout the nations of the world. The current Ashakanzi Jews are imposters and dwelling in the place of the true Israelites. Though some still live there today in Israel the majority of the true hebrew descendants are scattered because of the curses descibed in Dueteronomy 28 but one day will dwell in the land again in peace according to Zechariah 14.



We believe the true hebrews are as stated above because of the overwhelming scriptural evidence demonstrating that Messiah, Moses and Joeseph at one point passed as Black Egyptians Genesis 42:8, Exodus 2, Matthew 2:13 and also the prophet Amos recorded the master Yahuwah himself stating that his people were like the people of Kush or Ethiopian Amos 9:7. Jerimiah stated he was black due to famine as opposite to a white person becoming pale from faminie. Song of Solomon 1:5 states that Solomon was a black man. This is just some of the many evidences that speak opposite to the teachings of modern churchs and false historys being promoted about the true hebrews.



That the world's history from specified dates in the past, the rise and fall of empires, and chronological succession of events down to the setting up of Yahuwah's everlasting kingdom, are outlined in numerous great chains of prophecy; and that these prophecies are now fulfilled except for the closing scenes.



That the doctrine of the world's conversion and temporal millennium is a fable of these last days, calculated to lull men into a state of carnal security, and cause them to be overtaken by the great day of the Master as by a thief in the night; that the second coming of Yahushua is to precede, not follow, the millennium; for until the Saviour appears the papal power, with all its abominations, is to continue, the wheat and tares grow together, and evil men and seducers wax worse and worse, as the scriptures declare.

Reference: 2 Thessalonians 2:6-11; 2 Timothy 3:13.



That the mistake of Adventists in 1844 pertained to the nature of the event then to transpire, not to the time; that no prophetic period is given to reach to the second advent, but the longest one, the two thousand and three hundred days of Daniel 8:14, terminated in that year, and brought us to an event called the cleansing of the sanctuary.



That the sanctuary of the new covenant is the tabernacle of Yahuwah in Heaven, of which Shaul speaks in Hebrews 8, and onward, of which our Saviour, as great High Priest, is a minister, that this sanctuary is the antitype of the Mosaic tabernacle, and that the priestly work of Yahushua, connected therewith, is the antitype of the work of the Hebrew levitical priests of the former dispensation. Hebrews 8:1-5; etc. That this is the sanctuary to be cleansed at the end of the 2300 days spoken of in the book of Daniel, what is termed its cleansing being in this case, as in the type, simply the entrance of the high priest into the most holy place, to finish the round of service connected therewith, by blotting out and removing from the sanctuary the sins which had been transferred to it by means of the ministration in the first apartment, Hebrews 9:22, 23 ; and that this work, in the antitype, commencing in 1844, occupies a brief but definite space, at the conclusion of which the work of mercy for the world is finished.



That the Creator's moral requirements are the same upon all men in all dispensations; that these are summarily contained in the commandments spoken by Yahuwah from Mt. Sinai, engraven on the tables of stone, and deposited in the ark, which was in consequence called the "ark of the covenant", or testament. Numbers 10:33; Hebrews 9:4, etc. That this law is immutable and perpetual, being a transcript of the tables deposited in the ark of the true sanctuary on high, which is also, for the same reason, called the ark of Yahuwah's testament; for under the sounding of the seventh trumpet we are told that "the temple of . . . [Yahuwah] was opened in heaven, and there was seen in His temple the ark of His testament. Revelation 11:19



That the fourth commandment Exodus 20:8-11 of this law requires that we devote the seventh day of each week, the Sabbath, to the abstinence from our own labor, and to the performance of sacred and religious duties; that this is the only weekly Sabbath known to the Bible being the day that was set apart before paradise was lost, Genesis 2:2, 3; and which will be observed in paradise restored, Isaiah 66:22, 23. That the facts upon which the Sabbath institution is based confine it to the seventh day, as they are not true of any other day; and that the terms, Jewish Sabbath and Christian Sabbaths applied to the weekly rest-day, are names of human invention, unscriptural in fact, and false in meaning.

Reference: Isaiah 56,  Hebrews 4, Exodus 35:3, Exodus 16:23



That the Creator's Calendar by which the weekly seventh-day Sabbath as well as the yearly feasts are to be calculated is a luni-solar calendar; that each month is lunar and the weekly cycle restarts with each New Moon; which begins the dawn after conjunction. This begins the new month as New Moon day; as a set apart day followed by 4 complete weeks each ending with a set apart sabbath rest. We hold no other method constitutes as new moon especially with evidence given from the book Hanok (Enoch). We believe that the lunations are tied to the solar year by the spring equinox. No seventh-day Sabbath, calculated by any other calendar (all of which are pagan in origin), contains the seal of Yahuwah. That the true calendar utilizes the dual-action of the sun and the moon, as opposed toall false calendars using strictly lunar or solar calendation.

Reference: Genesis 1:14, Ezeikel 46:1, psalms 89:4; 104;19 and also for the fact that the first sliver is new moon from the overwhemling evidence in the book of Hanok chapter 78



That as the man of sin, the papacy, has thought to change times and laws (the calendar of the Creator), Daniel 7:25, and has mislead almost all Christendom in regard to the fourth commandment; we find a prophecy of a reform in this respect to be wrought among believers just before the coming of Yahushua. Isaiah 56:1, 2; 1 Peter 1:5; Revelation 14:12; etc.



That as the natural or carnal heart is at enmity with Yahuwah and His law, this enmity can be subdued only by a radical transformation of the affections, the exchange of unholy for holy principles; that this transformation follows repentance and faith, is the special work of the Holy Spirit, and constitutes regeneration or conversion. All have violated the Creator's law, and cannot themselves render obedience to His just requirements, we are dependent on Yahushua our Saviour, first, for justification from our past offences, and secondly, for grace whereby to render acceptable obedience to His holy law in time to come.

Reference: John 15:5, Titus 3:5, Romans 12



That the Holy Spirit (Ruach ha kodesh) was promised to manifest itself in the body of messiah (assembly of believers) through certain gifts, enumerated especially in 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4; that these gifts are not designed to supersede, or take the place of the Bible, which is sufficient to make us wise unto salvation, any more than the Bible can take the place of the Holy Spirit. That in specifying the various channels of its operation, that Spirit has simply made provision for its own existence and presence with the people of Yahuwah to the end of time, to lead to an understanding of the word which it had inspired, to convince of sin, and work a transformation in the heart and life; and that those who deny to the Spirit its place and operation, do plainly deny that part of the Bible which assigns to it this work and position.



That Yahuwah, in accordance with His uniform dealings with the race, sent forth a proclamation of the approach of the second advent of His Son; that this work is symbolized by the three messages of Revelation 14, the last one bringing to view the work of Sabbath reform, that His people may acquire a complete readiness for that event.



That the time of cleansing of the sanctuary (see proposition 14), synchronizing with the time of the proclamation of the third message,(see proposition 21) is the time for the Investigative Judgment, first with reference to the dead, and then with reference to the living, ending with the Close of Probation; to determine who of the myriads now sleeping in the dust of the earth are worthy of a part in the first resurrection, and who of its living multitudes are worthy of translation – judgment which must be determined before Yahushua appears.



That the grave, whither all tend, expressed by the Hebrew sheol, and the Greek hades, is a place of darkness in which there is not work, device, wisdom, or knowledge. Ecclesiastes 9:10. The state to which we are reduced by death is one of silence, inactivity, and entire unconsciousness. Psalms 146:4; Ecclesiastes 9:5; Daniel 12:2 etc.



That out of this prison house of the grave of mankind, the righteous are to be brought by a bodily resurrection, having part in the first resurrection which takes place at the second advent of our Saviour; the wicked in the second resurrection which takes place a thousand years thereafter. Revelation 20:4-6



That at the last trump, the living righteous are to be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and with the resurrected righteous are to be caught up to meet their Master, Yahushua, in the air, so forever to be with Yahuwah. 1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17.



That these immortalized ones are then taken to the New Jerusalem, the Father's house in which there are many mansions, John 14:1-3 where they reign a thousand years, judging the world and fallen angels; that is, apportioning the punishment to be executed upon the wicked at the close of the one thousand years; Revelation 20:4-6; 1 Corinthians 6:2, 3. That during this time the earth lies in a desolate and chaotic condition, Jeremiah 4:20-27; described, as in the beginning by the Greek term abusso, bottomless pit (Septuagint of Genesis1:2); and that here Satan is confined during the thousand years, Revelation 20:1, 2; here finally destroyed, Revelation 20:10; Malachi 4:1, in the theatre of the ruin he has wrought in the universe, being appropriately made for a time his gloomy prison house, and then the place of his final execution.



That at the end of the thousand years, Yahushua descends with His people and the new Jerusalem, Revelation 21:2; the wicked dead are raised and come up upon the surface of the yet unrenewed earth, and gather about the city, the camp of the saints, Revelation 20:9; that fire comes down out of heaven and devours them. They are then consumed root and branch, Malachi 4:1, becoming as though they had not been. Obadiah 15, 16. In this everlasting destruction, 2 Thessalonians 1:9 the wicked meet the everlasting punishment threatened against them, Matthew 25:46. This is the perdition of unpious and wicked men, the fire which consumes them being the fire for which "the heavens and earth which are now", are kept in store, which shall melt even the elements with its intensity, and purge the earth from the deepest stains of the curse of sin. 2 Peter 3:7-12..



That a new heavens and earth shall spring by the power of the Creator from the ashes of the old, to be, with the New Jerusalem for its metropolis and capital, the eternal inheritance of the saints, the place where the righteous shall evermore dwell. 2 Peter 3:13; Psalms 37:11, 29; Matthew 5:5, Isaiah 66:23


That the assembly of believers is guided by, overseen and led by the elders. That no one man should ever at any time have sole authority over the body of the assembly. The elders that lead the assembly should be of good report, live a clean set apart life to the Master Yahuwah, and ordained by the assembly. The number of elders should always be of uneven number to keep from indecision and arguement. As that the assembly has many called to the service of the master as pastors, teachers, scribes and etc. but it is the elders who hold the supreme authority in the assembly. It is there responsiblity to protect the assembly and the word at all times. Before being ordained to the office of an elder the person must meet the qaulifications set forth in scripture.

Reference: 1 Timothy 3, 5 and 1 Peter 5




Today, there is not a single "church" or denomination which adheres to the above Bible-based statement of beliefs in its entirety. At one time, in the second half of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the Seventh-day Adventist Church believed and upheld most of the above beliefs. Sadly this is no longer the case. They have done away with beliefs 1 and 3, and replaced them with the Roman Catholic Trinity doctrine. In addition, they have watered down many of the other beliefs, to make the teachings of the church more acceptable and appealing to Christians of other denominations. Furthermore, to date the Seventh-day Adventist Church has not yet provided an official stance on the Biblical calendar. However, the church, at its highest levels, has known of, yet hidden, the truth of the correct calendar and how to find the true Sabbath.

Furthermore the great Whore of Babylon the Roman Cathlic Church has made all the world drunk with the wine of her abominations and attempted usurping of the Creators laws. Through her attempeted changes in the Creators laws, judgements,statutes and appointted times of worship she has made many stumble out of the path or rightousness. Through her abominations many of the protestant denominations follow many of the traditions that they recieved when they left her many years ago in the reformation.

The fact that no "church" today adheres to the Bible and the Bible alone in the teachings they espouse has been foretold in Bible prophecy: "And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach." Isaiah 4:1. This prophecy tells us that at the end of time "seven" (7 symbolically indicates "all", "totality","complete" e.g. 7 days of creation, 7 last plagues, 7 years of famine, etc.) or ALL, 'women' (or churches; churches are often symbolized as women in the Bible - Rev.12:1 vs. Rev. 17:3) 'shall take hold of one man' (they will claim to have a relationship with Yahushua which ALL the churches profess today) 'saying, We will eat our own bread' (They reject the true Bread of life-Yahushua and His teachings, see John 6:51, and prefer rather to "eat" their own false doctrines and traditions (see Isaiah 8:20), 'and wear our own apparel' (they also reject the pure, white robe of the Saviour's righteousness and prefer their own system of works and self-righteousness - see Isaiah 61:10; Rev. 3:4, 5, 18). However, they all say: 'only let us be called by Thy name' (they desperately, despite their rebellion, want to be recognized as part of Yahushua's people) 'to take away our reproach'. They do not want their shame and disgrace to be seen due to the fact that they are teaching falsehood and are not part of the true ekklesia, but in reality are one of the shameful, harlot daughters of Babylon!

Accordingly, those who want to "follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth" (Revelation 14:4), and adhere to the Bible and the Bible alone as the infallible rule of faith, have no choice but to worship Him in truth and spirit in the privacy of our homes, away from the fallen and apostate churches, which collectively form the synagogue of Satan. In the Book of Revelation, Yahuwah calls and labels such entities as "Babylon"; they serve as centers of confusion and deception. Our most loving heavenly Father, Yahuwah, further commands His people to come out of such entities before He pours His plagues on Babylon, 'for her sins have reached unto heaven, and . . . [Yahuwah] hath remembered her iniquities.' Revelation 18:1-5.