The best restored version of the scripture out there today. Just visit and order you a copy today so that we can truly praise YAH by his holy name psalms 68:4.

Article by: Lucas Cameron      11/05/11

(host of Loud Cry Ministries video productions)



I have owned many Bibles throughout my life but I have never owned such a wonderful Bible as the one has produced. The team at halleluyah scriptures has done an amazing job producing a bible that restores the holy names, original Hebrew terms, words ,etc. and yet still remains very user freindly with a great readablity about it even for someone who might have never read the Bible before. The layout is very unique for instance the names of the books of the Bible at the top of each page is in English on the right and written on the left how to say in Hebrew. Also it has a great glossary at the back of terms, and measurements. Above all it has the restored holy names. In this last and final generation I can think of nothing more imoprtant than to know our Master's name and call on it. For it is written to call on him for salvation. If you dont know His name how could you? To this day it still is amazing to me how many ministers do not even know the name of YAHUWAH, even though it still can be found in a KJV Bible in Psalms 68:4. One verse that comes easily to memory and in that verse you can see the shorter form read as YAH. I would encourage everyone to further study the word and learn the names of our Creator and his son YAHushua which literaly means (YAH is salvation). In the book of John 5:43 we find that YAHUSHUA said He came in his Fathers name but if another come in their own name that people would receive them. How true it is today so many use the false name jesus or lord when his true name is hidden from the people by the very ones who should be teaching it. It is easily discernable in a copy reprint of an orginal 1611 King James Version Bible that can easily be purchased for a whopping $5.00 at Book stores that IESUS was what was orginally used before it got turned into JESUS because the letter J did not even come into exisitance in the English language until about the 1600's. The name of our Savior is YAHUSHUA, the only name given under heaven among men whereby we must be saved, as stated in Acts 4:12. The time has come proclaim it!!! I am so glad I have a restored version of the scripture now so that I can reference during filming and on the air when quoting a verse of the Bible. I  am equally thrilled that when people ask me who my Messiah is, I can show them His name in its true Hebrew form. With that being said, the halleluyah scriptures Bible does just that, it restores the true names of the Father and the Son while the cover of the bible itself states the truth as it is in YAHUWAH, the only true Elohim in the heavens above and that is HalleluYAH or as it would be said in English (let us all praise YAH).

added 7/8/12

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