Current Fellowship Dates

Loud Cry Ministries is so blessed and grateful to the Father Yahuwah above for providing the ministry a temporary fellowship center until we can move to a bigger building and with land. Below is the address to the current building being used for worship service and the dates that we will be meeting with times listed. A page will soon be up dedicated to worship service and fellowship. We hope to see you on Sabbath!!!



                              Address to Worship and Fellowship building:

                              3431 Baker Springs rd. White Pine, TN 37890

                                    (Green building in Large Parking lot)

              questions email us at



                                      Current Upcoming Fellowship Dates:



       03/05/15   12:00 a.m.

         Fellowship will be canceled if bad weather and snow

       03/12/15   12:00 a.m.

         Message: TBA

       03/19/15   12:00 a.m.

          Message: TBA






ADDED 2/4/15

The Creator's Calendar video documentry is now finished and public from the updates. We hope it is a blessing to all who watch it and apply this truth to their lives.

ADDED 1/30/15 has a great Calendar Application for any location around the world and it is free to use. Praise be unto the Most High!! Just click the link on the Finding New Moon Tools page or HERE to go directly to the app.

ADDED 1/30/15

The Creator's Calendar video is being updated to reflect the new light of the new moon reckoning. Please be patient as that hopefully we will have it finished soon.

ADDED 1/8/15

Loud Cry Ministries since 2009 at the beginning of the ministry until now has stood behind the new moon reckoning to be the first visible crescent. As of this day forward the ministry will now follow the dawn after conjunction being new moon day. We will be doing a video covering this soon and an update to the Restoring the Creators calendar video. Please be patient with us as we move forward in reflecting this new light. In our deepest sincerity we repent of our ignorance to this light and ask that the father help us to walk in it humbly.