Current  News and Fellowship Dates

Added 10-27-2015

Loud Cry Ministries is proud to share this new truth with the those who follow the ministry. This is a truth that needs to be presented especailly in the last generation. We encourage you to visit Rob Skiba's Ministry site and view this information presented there. Click here to visit

UPDATED 10-27-2015

Loud Cry Ministries is so blessed and grateful to the Father Yahuwah above for providing the ministry a temporary fellowship center until we can move to a bigger building and with land. Below is the address to the current building being used for worship service and the dates that we will be meeting with times listed. A page will soon be up dedicated to worship service and fellowship. We hope to see you on Sabbath!!!



                              Address to Worship and Fellowship building:

                              3431 Baker Springs rd. White Pine,TN 37890

            questions email us at



                                        Current Upcoming Fellowship Dates:


                                A meetup date for November will be posted soon