Order of speakers and musical performers

Day 1 speakers and musicians

8:00-8:30 Chi Chi singing praise and worship music/Opening words from Lucas Cameron

8:30-9:30 William Brown (Key note speaker)

Topic Returning to the old paths and bringing our hearts in line with YAH

9:30-9:40 10 Min hard break

9:40-10:40 Linden St.Clair

Topic Founding on the truth as you find it: How to build a proper platform for scritural doctrine in all of life

10:40-11:00 Laura and band sings praise and worship music

11:00-12:00 Derek Siler

Topic Writing the Fathers laws on the heart

12:00-1:30 Lunch break

1:30-1:45 Robert Stokes singing praise and worship music

1:45-2:45 Josh Keefe

Topic Exposing the Fathers handy work and creation proofs you cant unsee!

2:45-3:00 15 Min hard break

3:00-5:00 Troy Miller

Topic Two part presentation back to back on the Creators Calendar

5:00-5:15 15 Min hard break

5:15-6:45 Ronald Dalton

Topic Part 1 of two part presentation on True children of Israel

6:45 close of event for the day


Day 2 speakers and muscians

9:00 Laura open with singing/opening words for day two by Lucas Cameron

9:30-11:00 Ronald Dalton

Topic Part 2 of two part presentation on True children of Israel

11:00-11:15 15 min hard break

11:15-12:15 Charles dowell

Topic Building Community

12:15-12:30 Chi Chi singing praise and worship music

12:30-1:30 Lunch break

1:30-2:30 Linden St. clair

Topic Call upon my name: An introduction to names, titles,and translation schemes of the Most High and his only begotten

2:30-2:45 Joe guitar songs

2:45-3:45 Russel Cotter

Topic Helping the helpless and healing the broken

3:45-4:00 15 min break

4:00-5:00 Lucas Cameron

Topic The last days, The Man of Sin, and the 7 Trumpets: Preparing for the end of the age and the return of messiah

5:00 end of Day 2 and conference concluded